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Ka Fok Sports Supplies Limited ¡AKungfu station limited ,We are aimed at improving and strengthening the physical condition and quality, and health and fitness of people through the promotion of exercises and sport activities. In addition, we are actively developing and opening up the traditional Chinese martial arts (wushu) and expanding the art of attack and defence in martial

We carry all types of martial arts books and self-learning VCDs/DVDs in martial arts, Tai Chi, dancing, all types of martial arts equipment and supplies, such as  Tai Chi broadswords, swords, staff, spears, Kung Fu fans, dancing fans, martial arts shoes, wooden dummy and supplies for Tai Chi, martial arts  costumes, Tai Chi costumes,Kung Fu costumes and folk dance costumes, dancing shoes, Tai Chi shoes, Kung Fu shoes and Taekwondo shoes,Lion, drums, lion dance supplies.Yoga supplies etc. We are on sale all types of martial arts equipment and supplies throughout the country and overseas markets.

At the same time, we hope to establish some kinds of cooperation or mutual exchange with martial arts fans and other martial arts equipment and supplies companies

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