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(kafok) Jointly sponsored by the Kung Fu Health Association of Jiafu Sports Products Company

Enquiry Tel: 96405768 Mr. You

One: Southern Shaolin Yijinjing (regulate the body, regulate the heart, regulate the breath, clear the meridian, strengthen the heart and lung function), through the relaxation and static guidance to achieve spiritual inward defense, strengthen the vitality of muscles and ligaments by pulling the tendons and pulling the bones,

Under the combination of movement and static, it can help the blood flow smoothly, and the body can also achieve the effect of balancing and self-recovery...

Suitable for those who can take 30-60 minutes to practice every day,

    Time: Every (Tuesday. Thursday.), 8:30 to 9 AM, Location: Kwun Tong Waterfront Park, Bishop: Mr. You



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