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Undertake-the company's opening lion dance, lion dance, opening celebration, lion dance celebration, lion dance performance, face-changing performance, Kung Fu performance, festive lion dance, birthday lion dance program, and other entertainment Kung Fu performances.

One: Face-changing performance: HK$6800 (1 person), if you add 1 assistant to a large-scale performance, you need to add HK$1000.

Two: Lion Dance Opens Ground Lion Performance Complete set: Including eye-dotting, blue picking, couplets, fireworks, and money-receiving ceremony, about 15 minutes, single lion head HK$6000,

After each additional one, HK$3000 will be added, and the number of participants in the two lion head performance will be around 9-10.

3: Dragon dance performance, a full set of HK$17800 (number of participants (about 16-18 people))





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