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VCDs/DVDs Martial arts equipment and supplies: often Broadswords, swords
Wing Chun, Choy Lee Fut, Wooden Dummy, Wing Chun Wing Chun knives and supplies Pudao, Spring machetes, knives seedlings, gossip machetes, knives, hammers, wooden swords, etc.
Hard plastic material stick swords, weapons rack, hard weapons etc. Stick, spears, Nunchakus,practice ring, tai chi foot, sheep leather cord whip ,
ˇ]Broadsword, swords, sticksˇ^ bags, martial arts belts, sword spike Tai Chi shoes, martial arts shoes, Kung Fu shoes
Kung fu martial arts clothing (Tai Chi, Nan Quan, Chang Quan, embroidery and other clothing) Tai Chi pants, Kung Fu pants
Kung fu fan, dance fan Taiji ball, bamboo version, Mulan ring, whisk, Scorpion,etc.
T-shirt, Tai Chi badge, badge, martial arts chapter, windbreaker, group shirt, Tai Chi Elements T-shirt
Other Kung Fu Elements T-shirt Shield
Sanda, boxing,Sandbag¡A taekwondo supplies, wall sandbags, and other supplies Sports sweat scarf, sports purses, costume casual shirts.
Protective supplies: knee pads, waist, etc.: 3M brand Books
Resistance band,elastic band,TFitness band,ensile belt,Care, massage, tai chi ball, and other sports products Lion, drums, gongs, and other supplies lion
Custom trophies, plaques, medals, certificates Dance shoes: Latin shoes and modern shoes, hip-hop shoes, national dance shoes
Outdoor supplies: mountain crutches, mountain hats, sun hat, water bottles and so on Mountain shoes
Outdoor backpack Outdoor sports coat, warm shirt, pants, and other casual sportswear
Yoga fitness supplies Yoga clothing
Fitness dumbbells , Fitness horizontal bar, Crafts, gift figurine, kung fu doll
Wireless Mic for Teaching Use, Audio, etc Martial Arts Kung Fu Element Creation Bag
*Please check the stock with us first by email !
*The price of all our products are not include the shipping fee
*For any inquiry, Please send a email to kafoy8@yahoo.com.hk
*Thank you !

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